Taihu Happy Garden
Feiying Tower
Feiying Pagoda
IntroductionFeiying Pagoda is located in Huzhou City of Zhejiang Province at Chinese eastern coa
Taihu Amusement Park
IntroductionTaihu Amusement Park is a large-scale comprehensive amusement park, which covers an
Cangl Long Bai Pu
IntroductionCanglongbaipu is located in Tianhuangping, a small town in southeast Anji. Buses hea
Longwang Mountain
IntroductionLongwang Mountain, o­ne of the Laoshan mountain ranges, acquires fame for its sh
Dazhuhai Forest
IntroductionThe forest covers 60,000 hectares and has been designated as an ecological area. It
Anji Zhuzhongyuan
IntroductionAnji Bamboo Zhuzhongyuan is a treasure trove of bamboo. With over 300 different spec
Dahan Seventy-two Peak Mountains
IntroductionAnji Danhan Seventy-two Mountains is located in the north-west of Zhejiang, the alti
Lianhua Zhuang
IntroductionThe Lotus Garden built in 1924; in the ancient town of Huzhou, Fangzhanggang Silk We
Shen Long Dong Tian
IntroductionShenlong Cave known for its rarity , beauty and unprecedentedness , it has stone for
Iron Buddha Temple
IntroductionThe Temple of the Iron Buddha (Tiefo Si) in the west of the city dates from 1369. It

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